Appointments available in Hamilton and in Tairua.

( I also offer a mobile service if you are able to provide a private, quite room. If this suits you, please ask me.)

 Phone or text me to call you for an obligation-free chat to discuss your individual needs:

Mobile:             021 801 397

Landline:          Tairua 07 864 7070


Skype:              JainusNZ

 FEES:  Your First Session is 1 hour 20 minutes. This includes time for information gathering and discussion. Subsequent sessions are for approximately 1 hour – because people’s emotions and beliefs don’t run to a strict timetable, I like to have flexibility and can at times run over the hour. Please let me know if you have to keep to time. Thanks.

             Cost per Session: $90.00       **You can pay cash, cheque or bank transfer. I can also take VISA and Mastercard credit cards.

Please email me for Online Banking account details – and please remember to put  your NAME in the reference box so I can receipt that payment to you, thank you.


As my work is focused around you, the client, a number of sessions are often required to accomplish the complete and lasting change you are wanting.

With this in mind, I can offer you a  * Special Package *   x 3 Session Package  for  $220 

 * that’s just $73 a session – SAVING YOU $50 over 3 sessions *

 (at the end of the FIRST session you can decide how well we work together, you can then pay the full $220 to get this discount)  



If you have a single habit or issue, you will notice an instant reduction in the problem, or experience a complete change, in 2 to 3 sessions. For issues of a long-standing, or more complex nature, 6-12 sessions will complete and maintain the changes you desire. It does happen that some people experience an immediate and lasting change in their first session. This could be you, too – which is why I leave the decision to take the three-session special package until the end of our first session.

After our First Session together, you can get the “feel” of how you would work with me over the next few sessions. Or you may have found, you know, that you have changed completely and do not require any further sessions for your problem. You can then make your decision at the end of the first session whether you want to take the x 3 Session Package if that is more economical, or just pay for each sessions as you need them.


“STOP THE TRAIN! Get Off The Smokes!”  x3 Session Programme


Look at both the signficant monetary savings you make not buying cigarettes, AND the immediate health benefits

you receive as soon as you regain control of your personal choices.

Over three sessions, this thorough programme stops you smoking – AND addresses the reason/s that cause you

to smoke in the first place. Often clients find other areas of their life improve as well when they complete the

smoke-free programme, as everything in our lives is inter related.

DOWNLOAD the Truth or Dare! Questionnaire to start your smoke-free journey HERE


Cancellation Policy: Please honour your commitments to yourself and to me. Once you have booked your session and find you have to change the time or cancel,

please phone or text me as soon as possible.  I set aside time to prepare for your visit before you arrive, as well as keeping time free for your appointment.

If you are unable to give me 1 hours notice to cancel your appointment, or if you fail to show up at all, I will reasonably require 50% payment for that session.

Your circumstances will, of course, be taken into account. Thank you.