Jane Cullinane

“Using these techniques, you will be pleasantly surprised how a few sessions will deal with most life prolblems, and how quickly you can begin leading a full and normal life again.”


Stress is something that affects us all – and the causes are varied and ever-present in our lives.  Stress has physical and mental manifestations in the human body. Unresolved, it can lead to anxiety or depression.  To return to your natural health and vitality I have techniques and processes that will bring back the sunshine to your life, leaving you with resources to cope more effectively in future stressful situations.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP looks at our brain and nervous system, how they work and how this is related to our 
language patterns and commucication, both verbal and non-verbal. The science of NLP investigates how we do what we do – our life stragegies 
- and how we can change them to do things better.  While counselling and psychology focus on the “why” and can sometimes lead to an hour 
of useless “venting”, NLP focuses on the “how” and “how to improve …”.  

NLP is the study of success and excellence, and will show you how to be your best, more often at anything from sport, relationships, work though
to parenting. It is about creating positive change, by looking at what you do now and how, and what you want to do. Then using NLP processes 
and techniques you can learn and use again and again, the changes you asked for are made.

Studies have shown NLP processes have excellent and lasting results, are quick and effective for trauma, grief, anxiety, stress, depression and 
any unuseful habits, as well as personal self development and sporting excellence. see www.ia-nlp.org


Shinnick  RAPID  Depression  &  Anxiety  Treatment

Des Shinnick, a Master NLP Trainer & Practitioner in Auckland, New Zealand, has developed The Schinnick Rapid Depression Treatment, an amazing new and effective drug-free therapy for quick relief of depression symptoms. It is currently being trialed with GP’s in the Auckland area, and the results are astounding. A brief Stage 1 treatment of this method is also being trialed by the Univeristy of Auckland. This method coaches clients on how they become depressed, and how to get out of being depressed, so they are in control. As a Shinnick Rapid Depression Method consultant, I take GP referrals and if you are on medication, this may need reviewing by your doctor as you move out of depression. For more information on this, and the Anxiety Treatment Process, and in-depth research data. See  www.shinnickdepression.co.nz



Eriksonian Hypnotherapy and Modern Suggestive Hypnosis give me further techniques for deep and lasting personal change in any area, be it addictive habits, grief, emotional stress, weight loss, time management, non-smoking, depression, improved relationships, motivation and sleep disorders.

Are we really making the most of our lives? People often come to me seeking purpose or meaning, or for techniques to allow them to achieve a certain goal. I assist you to discover your life values, then using these, we develop personal and career-focused goals.  Self worth, self awareness, stress management and motivation let you achieve the life balance you are looking for by discovering your true goals and moving towards them. While coaching supports your goal setting and outcomes in life, my training and skills in Hyposis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) make sure that I help you run the internal progammes that support, not sabotage, your dreams.


“Slim-Sure Weight Loss” – Excess weight can be a never-ending issue for some people – get OUT of the diet rut and into living and enjoying your own life with the NLP Slim-Sure Weight Loss programme. Using a mixture of effective weight-loss techniques, such as NLP, hypnosis and trauma process, we thoroughly investigate and clear any blockages between you and a normal, happy life.  This programme comes with it’s own mp3 to support you as you change your internal talk.

“Stop The Train” Quit-Smoking Programme   –  The great financial value of this programme is a major benefit. Both the signficant monetary savings you make not buying cigarettes, and the immediate health benefits you receive as soon as you regain control of your personal choices are big drawcards. Hypnosis can stop smoking in one session, however over three sessions, this thorough programme stops you smoking AND addresses the motivation/s that make you smoke in the first place. Often clients find other areas of their life improve when they complete this Quit Smoking programme.

The Grief Project – Not many of us manage to get through life unaffected by grief in some way. I have extensive experience in dealing with this often unseen issue. Many people believe that after losing a loved one, the bereaved person will eventually get over it and get on with life. Knowing that it doesn’t actually happen this way, I sensitively and gently help you uncover your grief and grow forward through it,nbe it a recent loss, or very old and deep grieving.

Courses and Workshops – Through light-heart-ed* education for the body-mind,  I present in a modern and interactive way where all participants take away something they can use. Saturday morning short courses, and full 8 week Life Coaching course (2 hours for 8 weeks) and lunchtime Life Balance classes (1 hour for 6 weeks) are available for your staff or corporate group. Please contact Jane to discuss your specific requirements.

FREE Public Talks – I love what I do, and am very happy in front of a group. Education is the way of the future – and your club or community group can enjoy an informative presentation – delivered in a novel and fun way. I tailor my talks to your specific group, and you will all learn something new, with everyone taking away techniques and processes that you can use immediately to improve your life. Community and private groups are catered for.