I offer emotional healing in a quick, fun and confidential way, using the latest neuro science techniques, such as

NLP & Shinnick Rapid Depression Treatment

 as well as ancient forms of personal change (hypnosis and positive psychology). I treat the cause, not just your symptoms, from a variety of different therapies.

Your benefits are permanent, saving you time and money.  You CAN shed your stress and anxiety, creating the life you want - free from overwhelming grief, debilitating depression, emotional turmoil, weight issues, any type of addiction, trauma and PTSD, ANYTHING that's holding you back from living to your fullest potential NOW.  

Many of the processes I use are "content free", meaning you don't have to tell me the details of your issue or problems in order to clear them. You just need to be able to remember them and to feel them.

I can also offer a mobile service - if you are able to provide a quiet, interruption free room with a comfortable, supporting chair (for you, not for me!) I can come to your home or office at your convenience for the sessions.

A wide range of clients come to me for all sorts of different concerns, big and small. I can help with them all - people are people, whoever they are! To learn how I can help you STRESS LESS in your life, see the wide range of therapies tailored to suit your personality (click here) email me at jane@stresslessclinic.nz or text / phone me on 021 801 397 for a free informal chat to discuss your needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Consultation

Your consultation is informal and relaxed and on our first visit, we will discuss your outcomes together.

Your consultation is informal and relaxed, and on your first visit, we will discuss your outcomes together.

You can expect our time together to be fun, interesting and affirming.  You may be pleasantly surprised with the ease with which you can change even long term patterns of behaving, feeling and thinking.  As the client, you will be in charge of the outcomes we work towards and, as the consultant, I will guide you through tested processes to reach these outcomes.  Most techniques have me guiding you through imaginary processes, or talking to you in a relaxed manner.  Often you just have to listen and nod!  It’s as easy as that!

Many of the NLP processes we use are "content free", meaning that you don't have to tell me all the details of your problem - unlike tradidtional counselling, NLP is NOT Talk Therapy, it's DOING the changes you desire.  You just need to be able to think of your problem, and to feel emotionally, then together we can change your life!


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